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Thermography working for your equipment

Termografics engineers draw up detailed predictive maintenance reports for your company using specialist thermography cameras and software.

<strong>Download an example report</strong> Download an example report [in spanish] drawn up by Termografics (PDF, 618 kb)

Advantages of thermographic analysis

1. Avoids interrupting production processes

Reduces interruptions in production processes and helps control the integrity of the system which powers and protects them. Final savings depend on how often predictive maintenance is carried out.

2. Precisely locates potential problems in advance

Precise localisation of potential problems sufficiently far in advance through temperature increase. The solution to detected problems can be put in place immediately after completing predictive maintenance.

3. Reduces maintenance work and cuts down on repair times

Reduction in traditional maintenance work: anomalies are predicted sufficiently far in advance for them to be repaired and not cause breakdowns which would mean lengthy repair time.

4. Lengthens equipment life

Non-destructive testing is used to monitor equipment operation, correcting any anomalies detected in as short a time as possible so as to lengthen the useful life of the equipment.

5. Enables more efficient energy use

Energy consumption by heating/cooling units is reduced by acting on the causes of heat or cooling loss. That means saving money and improving environmental impact.

6. Gives you discounts in your insurance policy

An increasing number of insurance carriers and risk and insurance consultants reward the use of thermography in predictive maintenance and installation diagnosis by giving bonuses in insurance policies.

Application examples

· Electrical systems

Detection of poor connections, integrity of insulation, operation of high voltage systems, etc.

Electrical systems

· Thermal installations

Insulation, blocked pipes, operation of convection and radiation heaters, etc.

Thermal installations

· Mechanical systems

Operation of bearings, motors, pumps, compressors, coupling alignment, etc.

Mechanical systems

· Buildings

Roof leaks, heating systems, etc.


Price list

Start saving on maintenance with Termografics!

Full day analysis + report 875,00 €
Half day analysis + report 650,00 €
Minimum exit analysis (2 h) + report 380,00 €

  • Travel included in Catalonia
  • Discount for installers and maintenance companies
  • Discount for jobs lasting more than one day
  • Discount for more than one installation

For special cases, ask for a customised quote.


Technology employed

Cyclops - Ti814 thermal imaging cameras

Cyclops - Ti814 thermal imaging cameras

Temperature range: from -20 to 500°C / -4 to 932°F (optionally, up to 1500°C / 2732°F)

Accuracy: ±2°C ó ±2%

Operating temperature: from -25 to 60°C / -13 to 140°F (optionally, down to -40 to 60°C / -40 to 140°F)

Storage temperature: from -40 to 60°C / -40 to 140°F

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